Hello! I’m a writer and speaker and the author of five historical novels set in the Old West in the last half of the 19th century. My stories are often built around actual historical events and have a common theme: they feature strong, courageous women—women who, in the words of one reviewer, “want men in their lives but don’t need them to succeed”. Though the stories revolve around women, these are men’s adventure stories with female protagonists—fast-paced and action-packed. My fourth novel, Light On A Distant Hill, won the 2011 WILLA Award for Original Softcover Fiction sponsored by Women Writing the West. My new novel, The Rail Queen, was released in November 2014

The Old West is a relatively recent period in history, and yet the men and women of that time were so different from us.  They displayed an astounding mental and physical resilience and determination that I wonder if we possess today.  The severity of the hardships they encountered can hardly be imagined or appreciated.  Yet they persevered.  For some, the price was the loss of their sanity.  For others, the loss of their life.   But they pressed on, sometimes shamefully so under the banner of Manifest Destiny (explored in Light On A Distant Hill).

I consider myself an entertainer who likes to inform, and I never forget that.  The steadfast, loyal followers I have acquired over the past seven years know they can count on me for fast-paced books that have a high can’t-put-it-down factor.  I’m confident you’ll find them the same.


I’ve begun a long-anticipated business as an editor of novel manuscripts. I offer complete line editing services, along with grammar, punctuation, and typo correction. I also offer detailed commentary on the complete manuscript. I have accumulated extensive knowledge about the Old West which can be helpful to those who write in that category.

My most recent customer, Anne Schroeder, had this to say:

“Bill did a careful and productive edit of my western historical novel. He caught both substantive and line-edit errors and helped with details from his own extensive research of the American West.”

“He is the best editor I’ve had.”

I offer a quick turnaround (completion in two weeks for novels up to 100,000 words; may be slightly longer for larger manuscripts). The charge for my services may be arranged for by the page, or for a flat fee. So, if you have a manuscript that’s done and needs polishing before publication or submission, send me an email at scotts2294@att.net.


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